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An Elko Photographer Discusses 2024 Wedding Trends

Elko Wedding Trends

Couples are breaking free from traditional norms and embracing vibrant, bold, and utterly charming trends. From colorful palettes to intimate ceremonies, here are the top wedding trends that are set to make your big day unforgettable. As an Elko Photographer, I know the perfect trends that would make every wedding have waves!

Bold + Colorful Color Palettes:

Couples are now opting for vibrant and bold hues, from shades of magenta to earthy wild flower-inspired tones. Mustard yellows, warm dusty blues, desert sunset palettes, and peacock blue greens are stealing the spotlight on 2024 mood boards. I am vibing with this trend! It’s so breathtaking, seriously!

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Highly Curated Menu:

Food takes center stage as couples focus on creating a menu that is both meaningful and delicious. Whether it’s an all-vegan feast, family favorites, or dishes inspired by the couple’s love story, and Kingdom Grub is the go-to caterer for turning culinary dreams into reality.

Elko Trends
Elko Caterer


Custom bar service is also still on trend and getting more popular. Couples are still loving the signature drinks + cocktails and creating satellite bars for a unique guest experience. If you are looking for a cocktail bar, and I do suggest doing so, you won’t regret it. You can choose the best of the best between Giddy Garden and Silver Ridge Cantina. They provide drinks that will make you swoon!

Elko Bar

Petite Bouquets:

Brides are embracing the trend of petite bouquets for the wedding party, reminiscent of timeless elegance. Think Kate’s Lily of the Valley bouquet or Megan’s bouquet of Sweet Pea, Astilbe, and Forget Me Knots. Classic, delicate, and oh-so-lovely! There are two options for the best of the best when it comes to floral, Jewels Floral Studio and Evergreen Floral.

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Intimate Wedding Party:

While large wedding parties are still in vogue, some couples are opting for intimate ceremonies focused on love. Couples are intentionally choosing ceremonies that are intimate and more focused on them and losing the large wedding parties. With only their besties by their sides or no wedding party at all, couples are focusing on the real reason … LOVE! To provide the perfect ceremony and reception Event Source can help create the perfect setting for your intimate celebration with only your closest friends by your side.

Pattern + Mixed-Matched Bridesmaids Gowns:

Fashion-forward brides are ditching the idea of matching everything exactly. Jewels Bridal Studio and Candlelight Bridal and Prom offer a stunning array of mixed-matched bridesmaid This trend is so on point and so gorgeous! Not only does it create a unique bridal style and adds personality, but this stylish fashion-forward mixed + mismatched dress trend looks fabulous. Gone are the days of everything in your wedding matching exactly. It’s all about setting a tone and creating personality and a mood. Creating a wedding that is an extension of your own personal tastes! Bonus … your bridesmaids will love you for it!! gowns, setting a unique tone for the wedding.

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Mini Cakes with Lots and Lots of Desserts:

Wedding cakes will always be a part of a wedding day. However, many couples are going for a smaller cutting cake and loading up on all the other sweet treats and hand-held desserts to indulge in. While not exactly new, this trend has couples looking for new and unique ways for guests to experience their sweet treats. Freshly baked cookies, mini donuts, rolled ice cream, hot churros, and refreshing popsicles for summertime weddings. Though I think a lot of the cake artists locally are good, nothing can compare to the art that Elyssa provides with Tortoise Cakes. She also does amazing macaroons!

Wedding Cakes Elko

Smaller More Intimate Ceremonies:

Modern couples are choosing short, sweet, and intimate ceremonies, some even opting for private weddings with immediate family before joining guests for cocktail hour.

Photo Moments:

As an Elko Photographer, I know that this trend looks to be strong and I know it will be sticking around for some time to come. Couples choosing to plan fun, playful moments with their photographer. Take the champagne tower, a living champagne wall, a sparkler send off or even the vintage car exit, all create memorable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. This gets me giddy every time! I love, love, love fun couples willing to embrace enjoying their day. I would love to be your Elko Photographer, my specialty is weddings! Let’s do this!

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Themed Dress Code:

Honestly, one of my favorites, and if I could do it all over again, I would totally provide a theme or dress code for my guests. Couples are looking for unique ways to create an experience for their guests and this tops the cake. Whether it’s a color palette, or 70’s inspired disco attire, with some straightforward direction on attire from the couple, guests can truly add to the aesthetic of the day. I love seeing this come together in photographs! So head on over to Jewels or Candlelight, you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Unique Guest Books + Statement-Making Seating Chart Vignettes:

Unique guest books, like audio guest books and telephone booths, have become hugely popular last year and going strong for this season as well. A fun alternative for guests to give their well wishes and congratulations … a playful vintage telephone or English Telephone Booth adds bonus points for some adorable decor!

Wedding Planner Elko

Choosing Local + Sustainable:

Couples are still expressing their wish to work with only local vendors to support their wedding day. Sustainability is also high on the want list for the day. Support local vendors and prioritize sustainability. From composting to virtual invitations, couples are making eco-friendly choices. Check out the list of the best local vendors at the end of this blog.

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The Biggest Takeaway:

Couples are intentionally planning, and creating thoughtful and meaningful moments throughout their wedding day. Taking time to carefully curate a day that is sentimental, meaningful, and a true expression of their love story. Incorporating their own unique sensibilities and style to create a wedding day that allows their guests to experience a day filled with great moments, fabulous details, fine food + drink, and time spent with those you love.

So, how many of these fabulous trends do you think you will incorporate into your wedding day? Still want to be on trend, yet original? The best wedding planners in the area are “I Do” Event Planning with Renee, Carmela with Blooming Events, and Ck Connections and events. They are now booking for 2024 and are excited to hear what you are planning for your wedding day. Give them a ring and get planning!

I’m ready to begin capturing your wedding … let’s go!

To start planning your beautiful wedding with me head to this link:


As an Elko Photographer, I have carefully hand-selected vendors to provide the best experience possible. Each vendor has a discount or gift for you when you book first with Beth Kellum Photography for your wedding photography.  

The best vendors for your wedding day:

Wedding Planners: “I Do” Event Planning with Renee

Blooming Events with Carmela

CK Connections & Events with Sisters Cynthia & Katherine


Kingdom Grub with Daniel

Cakes and desserts:

Tortoise Cakes with Elyssa

Bridal Dresses:

Jewels Floral and Bridal Studio with Julie

Candlelight Bridal and Prom

Grooms Clothing:

Candlelight Bridal and Prom


Jewels Floral and Bridal Studio with Julie

Evergreen Floral and Gifts with Tania

Cocktails & Bartending:

Giddy Garden

Silver Ridge Cantina


Daniel Garcia

Event Rentals and Planning:

Event Source

Makeup Artist:

Glow Up Beauty with Paulette



Elko Photographer-Wedding Trends

Elko Photographer-Wedding Trends

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