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Best family portrait session locations

Let’s talk about the best photo locations in Elko! Welcome, Elko locals and families looking to create lasting memories! If you’re on the hunt for picturesque locations in Elko to capture your family’s joy, you’re in for a treat. As a light and airy photographer, I understand the importance of good light and a beautiful location to create stunning portraits. It is vital to to find the best and clean light. As a light and airy photographer this takes a skill that cannot be covered up by a simple edit. Join me as we explore some of the best spots in and around Elko to freeze those precious moments in time.

best photo Locations in Elko

Lamoille: A Photographer’s Paradise

Lamoille town steals the spotlight as my absolute favorite location for family portraits. Majestic mountains as the backdrop and enchanting spots bathed in perfect lighting, it’s a dream come true for any photographer. Whether it’s the charming homes or the perfect trees casting glowy light, Lamoille has it all. Lamoille Town is by far my first favorite but you can also explore the Lamoille Mountains. With another favorite, ‘Power House’, offering various options with trees and lighting. For the adventurous, a hike to Lamoille Lake during sunrise or golden hour promises a prime location for an unforgettable family portrait. (Or maternity sessions if I might add). Note: by using the mountains as a preferred place, lighting will dip sooner than in other places, as well as different locations. Lamoille will vary with lighting, especially if you are in the valley.

Spring Creek Marina: Golden Hour Bliss

Nestled next to a serene lake, Spring Creek Marina is a gem for capturing golden hour or sunrise photos. The shimmering water adds a magical touch to your family portraits. Keep in mind the playful geese and their antics, as the amount of poop may be a concerning obstacle. However, a pro about the Marina is that they do offer bathrooms.

City Park: A Cautionary Tale

While City Park is a popular destination, its lighting may not be suitable for those seeking a light and airy look. As a photographer with a keen eye for clean light, I tend to avoid this spot. For glamor or dramatic dark photographers, it might be a go-to, but I prioritize giving my clients photos I’m proud of, free from any muddiness in my photos. (which is a muddy looking skin tone from lack of secondary light and color casting.)

The Desert: Timing is Everything

The desert, once a beginner’s choice, now comes with a caveat. Understanding the nuances of lighting and secondary lighting revealed that the desert is best enjoyed during golden hour or blue hour. An early sunrise session might just unlock the beauty of the desert, making it a worthwhile consideration.

Elko and its surroundings offer a plethora of breathtaking locations for your family portrait session. From the scenic beauty of Lamoille to the tranquil ambiance of Spring Creek Marina, each spot has its unique charm. Remember, the key lies in finding that perfect combination of good light and a captivating location. So, choose your preferred spot, and let the magic unfold. We will freeze those special moments in time through the lens of joy and happiness. Talk to you soon!

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