- Unkown

but never the same moment twice.

There are all kinds of moments in this life,

My Husband and I have a love story so deep; that we are connected by something far greater in this world. That is the very reason why I understand what it's like to be so in love. But we have also experienced great loss, we have lost a baby, so I also understand that brokenness and longing. 

We now have five creative, energetic little human beings in our blended family. Keeping the idea of family so close to my heart and the soul of who I am and desire to be. I care about a lot of things, and the biggest of all is people. Where they come from, what makes them who they are, their joys and loss. The family or friends they love. In all the world the memories we create are what we hold in our hearts and the history that is left behind.

We are all worthy of that love.

I believe your images should make you fall in love over and over again.

I have an undying love for historical love stories, travel, and anything pastel color. I'm also a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go. From Portugal to Turkey and anywhere beyond I find treasures of beauty, wisdom, and love from our big world that I bring back to my tiny little town I call home.

Hello, I'm Beth...



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