Kingdom Grub and the journey from Vegas to food glory

Kingdom Grub

In the cozy warmth of Sierra Java, I sat down with the dynamic duo, Daniel and Carrie Ornelas. As the winter chill settled around us, they shared insights into the challenges and triumphs of running a food truck business, revealing a journey fueled by faith, passion, and a commitment to quality.

Winter, for many, signals a slowdown in business, and for food truck owners, Daniel and Carrie, it’s no exception. However, their secret weapon against the winter blues is the abundance they reap during the bustling summer months. The ebb and flow of business are not unfamiliar to them, and their resilience shines through as they navigate the seasonal challenges.

Conquering Hardships:

Drawing a parallel to the biblical story of Simon and Jesus, Daniel emphasized the belief that provision comes in unexpected ways. In the face of winter’s slow business, their trust in a higher power has seen them through, allowing them to meet their bills and payroll. The unmistakable aura of faith surrounds Kingdom Grub, evident not just in their words but in the heart and soul they infuse into their culinary creations.

Kingdom Grubs Story:

As a self-proclaimed chef, Daniel’s culinary prowess extends beyond the confines of the food truck. From filet mignon to salmon and finger foods, Kingdom Grub caters to a variety of tastes, making them the perfect choice for formal events, especially weddings. The couple’s journey from Vegas to their current food truck venture is marked by dedication, sacrifice, and a dream that took shape with divine intervention.

When asked about the best parts of themselves, Daniel hesitated momentarily before expressing qualities of friendliness, love, caution with challenges, and understanding. These traits undoubtedly contribute to the welcoming atmosphere that surrounds Kingdom Grub.


Reflecting on the inspiration behind starting their business. Daniel shared a story that began in Las Vegas, where he worked as a chef. Moving to a new location brought financial challenges, but a dream to start their own business persisted. Through prayer and faith, the opportunity to own a food truck unfolded miraculously. It blessed the Ornelas family with a thriving venture.

Bridal Advice:

For brides-to-be seeking advice, Daniel’s words echoed wisdom and humility. He encouraged brides to embrace humility in the face of disappointment, acknowledging that weddings may not always go as planned. Furthermore, he emphasized the hard work that goes into marriage, urging couples to be ready for the commitment it entails.

The inspiration for Daniel’s culinary creations comes from people, particularly when they express their love for the food. Positive feedback, like being dubbed to serve the “best burger in town,” fuels his passion and creativity. However, not everything in the food truck industry is a bed of roses.

Daniel shared his observations on industry trends, noting a positive shift towards recognizing quality in the food truck scene. Yet, rising costs, especially for groceries, pose a significant challenge. The impact trickles down to the menu, compelling him to adjust prices to sustain their livelihood.

When asked about what sets Kingdom Grub apart from the competition, Daniel modestly shrugged off the idea of seeing others as rivals. However, he attributed their uniqueness to the meticulous process of making everything from scratch. From dipping onion rings to frying pickles. The extra effort may be tedious, but it undoubtedly makes a substantial difference in taste and quality.

The Motivation:

Motivation for Daniel comes from the people – the regular customers and the joy of engaging with them. The personal connection forged through conversations and shared moments fuels his culinary passion.

Brides booking their wedding photography through Beth Kellum Photography, Kingdom Grub extends a 10% discount on catering services. It’s a delightful incentive for couples seeking not just delicious food but a touch of faith and flavor.

In the heart of Kingdom Grub’s food truck the Ornelas family’s unwavering commitment to their craft create a culinary experience. As their journey unfolds, one meal at a time, Kingdom Grub stands as a testament to the belief that, much like a well-prepared dish, success is best savored when made with love, dedication, and a dash of divine inspiration.

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Kingdom Grub
kingdom Grub

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  1. Rachel Hylton says:

    Hi What are your hours , and places you are at? Menu?
    Would love to start eating at different places . Thank

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Rachel,
    We currently don’t have 1 spot we are at. We move around like most food trucks. The best way to follow us to to find us on Facebook, we post weekly where we are. @Kingdomgrubnv

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