The Wedding Day


"When I received my album, I sat there and cried. It was breathtaking and once we have children, I cannot wait to share this with them! I know they will ask about our wedding day and I will not just tell them about it, but show them."

- Trish M.

So often people do not know where to start when it comes to choosing, printing, and then framing their portraits. They don't end up printing for weeks, years, or at all. Over time, those photos get lost on your computer or lost through social media and then as time passes those memories are gone, lost through time. Imagine you are with your children and grandchildren and you want to pull out photos to remember the days of your friends who have passed, your spouse, and all the laughter or of your children when they were so innocent and young. You pull out the album that has lasted for decades, it's still pristine and beautifully put together. You open it, and all those memories flood back to you. The issue that has held so many back is the stress of putting together that album or having your favorite portraits printed and framed. What if I said that all of that could be taken off of you? I can create beautiful albums that will last for generations and have prints made for you. As a photographer, I understand the importance of capturing special moments and preserving them for the future. However, I also know that many people struggle with finding the time and resources to turn those digital files into tangible heirlooms. That's where I come in. When brides and grooms book me as their photographer, I not only capture their special day but also take on the task of creating beautiful albums and prints for them.

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"The Vendors Beth provided me where heaven sent on earth! I loved working with each of them and having her personal favorites selected for me took away so much hassle! Not only that, the guide itself is beautiful and it helped me plan so much of my wedding day, I don't know what I would have done without it!"

- Elizabeth C.

Once you are a BK Bride and Groom you will receive a beautiful Bridal Guide that will help you plan your wedding day. It will help you choose the right venue, pick the perfect details, and help you plan a stress-free timeline. The guide also can save you countless hours of finding the best vendors along with access to discounts that can only be found in this guide. I have carefully chosen my favorite vendors I have loved working with and we have met one-on-one to create fantastic vendor discounts that will ease financial burdens. As your wedding photographer, I understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and expensive. That is why I have taken the time to curate a list of my favorite vendors who offer exclusive discounts to all of my clients. These vendors have a proven track record of providing exceptional services and products, and I am confident that they will help make your wedding day unforgettable.

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"I walked in and my jaw dropped at the gorgeous choices, complete elegance! Dresses and shoes that made me want to cry! The stress was taken off of me from finding all of these things on my own and made it an incredible day for me! Beth helped pick my specific sizes and it made my wedding day incredibly special "

- Emily W.

A beautifully curated wardrobe has been carefully selected to help alleviate the stress and financial burden of finding the perfect outfit. Each piece selected are supremely luxury picks that will create a much more luxurious and beautiful wedding. From veils, wedding shoes, dresses, and even luxurious perfumes. I will help you carefully select your wardrobe based on your preference and the style of your wedding day or family session. We can carefully go over your desires and needs to help you create a magical day that will reveal your beauty. As a photographer, it is important to ensure that the clients feel comfortable and confident during their photoshoots. One way to achieve this is by having a well-curated wardrobe collection that includes a range of options to suit different styles and preferences. It is also important to bear in mind that clients may not have the time, resources or knowledge to put together the perfect outfit for their photoshoot.

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The Wedding Day

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