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Jewels Bridal And Floral Studio in Elko Nevada

Jewels Bridal And Floral Studio

Jewels Bridal And Floral Studio:

As I stepped into the enchanting world of Jewels Bridal and Floral Studio, I was immediately captivated by the spacious, clean ambiance that resonated with the sweet fragrances of blooming flowers. Greeted warmly by Julie Kraus, the owner, and her daughter Marriah Paracchi, who co-owned the establishment, as well as Marriah’s sweet friend as well as an employee. I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy my warm and inviting conversation with these ladies.

The bridal boutique was a dreamy haven, showcasing an array of wedding dresses that ranged from classic cream to a striking black gown. However, what truly stole my heart was a wedding dress adorned with beautiful flowers delicately laced through it. If I were to choose a dress again, this would undoubtedly be the one.

Sitting down with Julie and Marriah, I delved into the story behind Jewels, eager to learn about the inspiration and journey that led to this exceptional establishment.

How they began:

Julie began her venture into the floral industry in the early 2000s, recognizing a need for a specialized floral shop committed to serving clients in the best possible way. The journey started with rigorous training on proper floral care and sourcing blooms from local farms. This dedication significantly increased the longevity of the flowers, setting the foundation for Jewels’ commitment to excellence.

Later on, Jewels expanded by acquiring Blush Bridal, transforming the studio into a “one-stop shop” for both floral and bridal needs. The focus shifted towards providing brides with an unforgettable experience, guiding them to find the perfect gown that complements their unique style and body type. The studio ensures each bride feels truly special during their visit, even offering champagne service for those seeking a luxury experience.

When asked about the best parts of their business, Julie emphasized their commitment to the community and the joy derived from creating lasting connections with brides and their families. The studio’s goal is to make every bride’s experience exceptional, fostering genuine and cherished friendships.

Jewels Bridal and Floral Studio Growth:

Looking towards the future, Julie envisions the studio evolving to meet the changing needs of the community. Plans include expanding floral events, introducing educational classes for employees, and staying attuned to emerging trends.

Advice to brides:

For brides-to-be, Julie offers valuable advice to start planning early and carefully vet vendors. She highlights the significance of investing in the bouquet, as it becomes the focal point of many wedding photos.

What makes Jewels unique:

Jewels Bridal and Floral Studio prides itself on being a luxurious boutique, with a creative process fueled by singing. While embracing trends like the boho style and wildflower arrangements, Julie candidly admits her aversion to baby’s breath. She also expresses love for the vibrant and all-white floral designs.

Questions brides ask:

Common questions from brides revolve around questions of where to start, budgeting, and the cost of dresses. Jewels stands out by providing a color proposal and full consultation, ensuring every detail aligns with the bride’s vision.

To set themselves apart from local competition, Jewels promises everything. From personalized consultations and a focus on the bride’s experience. Even closing the store for an exclusive bridal session to make each bride feel like number one.

Brides booking Beth Kellum as their photographer can enjoy free champagne service at the bridal part of the shop. A delightful addition to their magical experience at Jewels Bridal and Floral Studio.

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