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Let’s talk about the owner of Blooming Events Planning, I met Carmela at Sierra Java over some mint mochas, perfect for the Christmas season! It was so easy talking to Carmela over coffee and chatting about what she does and what I do. Her energy is contagious! She was genuine from the moment we sat down and though this was the first time I spoke to her one-on-one, we connected instantly! I can only imagine that when she meets her brides, they equally feel the warmth and connection. It’s rare to experience that in people.

Elko Wedding Event Planner

Describe to me the best parts about you: “I’m a people person, a social butterfly, I’m very detailed orientated, I love my kids and grandkids, love to travel, be spontaneous and I love to have fun!”

The start of Blooming Events Planning:

How did you start your business and what inspired you? “I started at a flower shop and casino and then bought the business from a friend. Later I bought a different business that led to planning in the wedding industry, it was a bridal and flower shop. Eventually I switched to doing planning, officiating and I do florals for weddings as well.”

What do you love about your business? “I love the interaction and building friendships.”

Do you have plans to grow and where do you see yourself in five years? “Honestly, in five years I probably will retire and sell my business, I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years.”

Advice to a bride:

Give your top advice to a bride: “Just enjoy your day. Little things won’t go as planned but don’t sweat it. I also love to take the bride so she can have a sneak peek of the venue before all of her guests arrive to see all her beautiful ideas and all of her hard work come to life.”

How would you describe your style or business brand? “Always learning, old fashion, but love new trends.”

Speaking of trends what trends do you see that you like and ones you dislike? “I LOVE that black is coming in! The all-black weddings are amazing! I love the all-green weddings as well or all-white. I love Christmas-themed weddings, whimsical and hanging garden weddings.”

Blooming Events Planning & Rentals

What inspires Carmela:

How do you get inspired? “Brides giving me an idea and then inspiration flows from Pinterest, social media accounts, and especially Instagram.”

What is your creative process? “I turn on some music, all kinds of music, whatever gives me the vibe to the theme I’m about to do and I just go crazy planning!”

Common questions a Bride asks:

What are common questions brides ask you and how would you answer them? “The main question is how much does it cost, I answer with, “What is your budget?” So that we know what we are working with and how to stay on budget.”

If a bride was to hire you, what sets you apart from the competition? “Honestly, I love all of the planners, they are my friends and they are great! But to answer the question the best I can, I would say… I am picky about who I take on, I want to be all in it.”

If a Bride books her wedding photography through Beth Kellum Photography, she will receive a code for 10% off of the wedding planning services offered by Carmela with Blooming Events Planning. (The code for the discount is given to the bride once booking is completed. Vendor discounts are exclusive to Beth Kellum’s Photography and there are no other discounts like it.)

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