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let’s talk about CK Connections and events… I met with Cynthia at Sierra Java, one of the two sisters from CK Connections. Identical twins, have a passion for what they do and are easy to talk with, I very much enjoyed our conversation about the wedding industry and how they started doing what they love. These sister pairs will stop at nothing to care for a bride and their family. I was able to pull together the identical twin brains in which they process everything together and have the same ideals and dreams for their business.

Describe to me the best parts about the both of you: “We care deeply, we problem-solve, I’m a peacemaker and my sister is bold when needed. We are passionate about our client’s vision and following through with making everything the best it can be.”

What inspires the CK Connection & Events Sisters:

How did you start your business or what inspired you? “On a car ride back from Twin, just got a crazy idea. We started with vendor events, then community events. We wanted to fill a need we saw. “See a need, fill a need.” We loved being that connection point for people, started doing weddings and wanted to help with DIY weddings. We wanted loved ones to enjoy the day without stress!”

ck connections & Events

What do you love about your business? “No matter how much we annoy each other, I love working with her. We work so well together, we love helping people create beautiful memories. We don’t want anyone to know about the hiccups, we want everyone to enjoy the day without any stress and we just love helping people. I love the flexibility of helping people where they need it.”

Tell me your story- what brought you to do this as your career? “We saw people struggling and we had the tools to help people out. We saw people have a lot of fear but they don’t know how to express what they want. And some people just don’t know what they don’t know.”

Plans for growth with Ck Connections & Events:

Do you have plans to grow? Where do you see yourself in five years? “Yes! We are looking at offering retreat logistics coordination. Whether that is planning for a trip, a professional retreat, or planning a family reunion, Grandma always plans it but now she doesn’t have to and the stress is taken from her. As well as planning destination weddings from getting insurance, plane tickets, and anything under the sun. We want everyone to enjoy their day!”

Give your top advice to a bride: “Remember at the end of the day you’re marrying the love of your life and everything is just details. Make sure you are completely communicating with your coordinators; OVER communicate with them! Don’t talk about something in a passing conversation and then expect us to remember, write everything down that you want so there is always clear communication. Also, Door Dash your ice! You spend an hour going to the store getting ice, you lose time you could have had enjoying the day or doing something else that needed to be done. It was the best 8 bucks of my life!”

How would you describe your design style or business brand? “A dynamic set of twins. Casual. Quirky. We laugh, we joke and we love having fun!”

elko wedding planners

Creative Process:

What is your creative process? “It varies by events; we openly dream where “no idea is a bad idea.” Instagram with mood boards to build a vision as well as reaching out to other professionals.”

How do you get inspired? “We pay attention to needs and conversations happening in our community.”

What trends are you seeing that you like and dislike? “I like individuality and return to simplicity. We like simple dresses, food trucks, and micro weddings. I also love the trend for day-after photos with photographers! (Beth Kellum Photography offers this in some packages, speak to Beth more about the sunrise day after portraits!) I honestly dislike people going into debt for their wedding!”

Common questions with answers:

What are common questions brides ask you and how would you answer them? “How much time do they need to allot/timeframe? There is wisdom in hiring professionals/vendors and not having family doing it. You get what you pay for and don’t have your mother-in-law cleaning up chairs at 11:00 pm!”

If a bride was to hire you, what sets you apart from the rest of the competition? “I honestly value so much the other planners in this community! If people are looking to just have fun surrounded by family and friends without the stress then we would be honored to work with them!”

“If you book CK Connections & Events through Beth Kellum Photography you will receive a 2-hour free pre-planning session, valued at $100!” Once booking your wedding photography through Beth Kellum Photography you will receive countless discounts from local vendors, please contact Beth for more information.

To touch base with CK connections and Events head to this link:

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  1. Bonnie R says:

    What a nice write up. If I was to do my 3 girl’s DIY weddings again, (and NO I’m not, they’re stuck😂) I would have wished to have hired a strong coordinating team like this. The bonuses of Beth Kellum Photography and CK Connections working together is a plus! May you all have a successful business year.

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