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In the heart of Elko Floral- Evergreen Floral, I had the honor to sit down with Tania inside the adorable Evergreen shop. I have always loved coming into her shop, seeing the smiles, and have always felt so welcome from the first time I walked through the door. The homey boutique has always been a highlight while driving down Silver Street. Seeing the outside display, I cannot help but glance at the beautiful Christmas vibe or the season in which it is decorated. If you are looking for a flower shop where you feel safe, welcomed, and warm from the moment you walk in the door, Evergreen will be your place. Take my word for it, go to Evergreen today, even if it’s just to window shop.  

evergreen floral

Describe to me the best parts about you: “Flexible, wanting to please customers, wanting to do the best I can. Upbeat. Creative. A people pleaser.”

How the business began:

How did you start your business or what inspired you? “We ( my husband and myself) had been throwing around the idea of starting a small business of some kind. When we heard Evergreen was for sale this was the perfect opportunity and I couldn’t say no!”

What do you love about your business? I love being flexible, I have the option to be creative too. Clients trusting in us, being busy, and being able to be freely creative.”

Tell me your story- what brought you to do this as a career? “Always loved projects, especially craft projects! My mother-in-law and I have a love for flowers and when we lived in Oregon, we would grow such beautiful flowers! In Elko we also grow flowers and we transplant them to raised flower beds to grow until they are mature and ready for use in the shop.”

elko floral

Do you have plans to grow? Where do you see yourself in five years? “Not sure about growing but I desire to expand the customer base to larger businesses and larger events.”

Advice to a Bride:

Give your top advice to a bride: “Be flexible. Be realistic. Keep open communication with your florist, the more communication the better.”

How would you describe your design style or business brand? “Designer choice, basing designs off of inspiration from customers. Doing unique things in our florals. Local business products are sold here in our shop and we are a boutique and a homey gift shop.”

What is your creative process? “Music and then the process of bouncing ideas off of employees and collaborating other ideas to change the shop around or change the season/festivities.”

The Inspiration for Evergreen Floral:

How do you get inspired? “Social media, ‘Florist to Florist’ is a very helpful group on social media. Little inspirations like a container I saw will give me an inspiration or a floral arrangement I saw by another florist.”

elko flower shop

What trends are you seeing in your line of work that you like and what ones do you not like? “I love the new free spirit designs, the not-so-compact floral arrangements. I also love modern arrangements and variations of flowers and sizes in a bouquet. My least favorite is the dozen roses style.”

What are common questions brides ask and how would you answer them? “They ask my advice on different types of florals for different styles of weddings or colors. The type of ribbon, and length of ribbon.”

If a bride was to hire you, what sets you apart from the competition? “Very flexible with couples, doing everything I can to meet their needs and staying in contact with them. Fulfilling their wishes and giving guidance when they are wanting some.”  

When booking as a BK bride through my photography services, you will receive a discount of 10% off your bridal flowers. (This discount is special for BK brides and only applies to them. A code will be given to the brides at the time of booking.)

To get in touch with Evergreen Floral, you can connect here:

Tania Evergreen

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