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Elyssa moved from Colorado to Elko Nevada several months back. Her talent is without question and becoming the best for Elko Nevada wedding cakes. She doesn’t just provide cakes for weddings, but also macaroons and the best I’ve ever tasted! I partnered with her to bring something special to the Bridal Expo this February, come and see!

We talked for a while, sharing with each other our love for what we do in the wedding industry. I loved listening to her talk about the art behind cakes, it’s so much more than just baking a cake. Her art and beauty is skin deep. The reflection of her desire to be a part of Elko and embrace changes from city to town is apparent. You know when you meet someone and just know that you will be best of friends? Elyssa is that kind of woman. I’ve met many cake artists in my line of work, they are all sweet and genuine but nothing like her. If you want your wedding cake to be beyond perfection and a masterpiece, this is your girl. She brings something special, something more to Elko Nevada wedding cakes.

Describe to me the best parts about you: “Curiosity in wanting to learn more about different subjects. Going through uncomfortable life moments and being vulnerable through them and being genuine.”

What do you love most about your business? “The freedom to be creative and not let any big corporation tell me how to be creative. To be completely unique from other cake artists and being able to promote myself how I choose.”

What’s Elyssa’s Story:

Tell me your story, what brought you to this as a career? “Tortoise Cakes made its slow yet determined debut when I decided to combine my passion and experience in culinary and visual arts. I chose the name because it has ‘tort’ hidden in it; which makes me think of torte cake. A torte is a rich, multilayered cake, that is filled with whipped cream, buttercreams, mousses, jams, or fruits. These are the kind of decadent cakes I offer, along with cupcake minis and Italian macarons. I thought it was different and simple enough to remember for my customers; I liked that it has a more androgynous vibe because my clientele comes from various backgrounds. Food and art are one of the universal ways to connect people.

I have had the privilege of traveling and living in other countries, being exposed to amazing desserts, and art, and as a beneficiary of great hospitality. I want to pull from those experiences and hope to share a glimpse of the culinary scene. It is generous and sparks curiosity while cultivating an appreciation for art and giving the community’s taste buds a fresh restart!”

Do you have future plans to grow? “Yes, new to this community. Would love to grow here and become successful.”

Interview with Elyssa on Fox News:

Advice to a bride:

Give your top advice to a bride- “Go big or go home. When you choose to have something memorable, cakes are statement pieces. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so make it count. Cakes are often overlooked by couples. An artist takes the time to make every flavor magical, not just make it look good. You don’t want to do that cute little thing you see on Pinterest that no guest is going to remember.

If you want them to remember it, a cake is an architectural work on display. Showcasing a couple’s artistic flair or display something unique about them that may be difficult in their wedding. If you have a small budget, it may make more sense to showcase the tradition of the cake cutting. It is so important to your grandma and other important guests surrounding you.”

How would you describe your design style or brand? “Color centric, textural, making taste vital and very important, storytelling through cakes and making each cake a masterpiece of art.”

The creative process:

What is your creative process? “When a client has a vision, I make that vision come to life but even better than expectations. Especially when the client gives me the creative freedom to showcase my creativity and go above and beyond. Also, when clients give me the framework/an idea to work with I make that vision come to life.”

How do you get inspired? “Primarily through other cake artists and through other artists whether it be paintings or other creative works.”

What trends do you see currently in your line of work that you are like and which trends do you not like? “I love the Victorian Lambeth piping and buttercream pallet knife-painted cakes. I’m not a fan of cartoon cakes or 3D cakes of food or everyday items like shoes.”

Common questions brides ask:

What are common questions brides ask you and how would you answer them? “Serving sizes, availability, and wanting a quote. You can go directly to my website for all of those answers.”

If a bride was to hire you, what sets you apart from the rest in your industry? “The level of care and effort, I don’t work out of custom line kitchen. I’m a private chef and I am selective about my orders, because of this I take much more care and put much more creativity into each cake. My creativity and artistic design cakes are unique to any local cake artist in Elko, you won’t find anyone here with my artistic style.”

By booking with Beth Kellum Photography, you will receive a wonderful gift of a free cake-tasting box, you will be able to try all of the delicious selections of cakes for free which would otherwise come at a cost. (This gift can only be received when booking with Beth Kellum Photography as a bride. You will receive your code once the booking is complete.)

If you are looking for Elko Nevada wedding cakes then you have come to the right spot! Check out her Instagram for the best way to reach her:

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