A Mackay Mansion Virginia City wedding

At Mackay Mansion in Virginia City I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the most beautiful wedding. In the western town of Virginia City, in the historic Mackay Mansion, Leila and Brandon had a mesmerizing wedding. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the beauty that surrounded this sweet couple.

The Perfect Setting:
The choice of the Mackay Mansion as the venue for Leila and Brandon’s wedding was nothing short of perfection. The rustic charm of the old western town provided a perfect picturesque setting. Creaking wooden structures and timeless allure of surroundings, every element seemed to harmonize with the love that filled the air. The green grass surrounding the venue has beautiful pockets for a ceremony and a reception as well.

A Symphony of Colors:
The outdoor ceremony was a visual feast, with Leila’s chosen blue colors popping brilliantly against the beauty of Virginia City. Apple trees, adorned with apples still nestled in their branches, bathed in a gentle light. This created an enchanting atmosphere for capturing timeless portraits.

Heartfelt Speeches:
The joy of the day was amplified by the heartfelt speeches delivered by both adults and children. Laughter and happy tears flowed freely as the words of love and celebration filled the air. It was a testament to the impact that the couple had on everyone present, leaving a mark on their hearts.

Leila and Brandon’s wedding at the Mackay Mansion in Virginia City was a magical affair that blended the charm of the Old West with the timeless beauty of love. As a witness to their special day, I couldn’t help but be grateful for the opportunity to capture the moments that unfolded in this enchanting setting.

I absolutely loved this wedding, in fact it was one of my favorites from this year! This very sweet owner of Mackay Mansion made this place even more special. She was warm and helpful, helping me with setting up photos and covering windows for the perfect light.

I would love to be a part of your beautiful day, if you would like to chat let’s meet up on a Zoom call! Or we could talk on the phone as well and chat about your wedding plans.

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