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A Mackay Mansion Virginia City wedding At Mackay Mansion in Virginia City I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the most beautiful wedding. In the western town of Virginia City, in the historic Mackay Mansion, Leila and Brandon had a mesmerizing wedding. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but be captivated […]

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Lamoille Grove in Lamoille Nevada A Lamoille Grove wedding is a wonderful place for a grand party! Before heading to Lamoille, Ashley and her bridesmaids prepared for the most special day of her life. As a professional photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the intimate moments of anticipation. Little did we know, the magic […]

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Little Church at the Crossroads A beautiful wedding was held at Lamoille church in Nevada. Sydney and her groom began a journey of love at the beautiful Lamoille Church in October. Lamoille Ceremony: Sydney’s decision to have birdseed thrown after the ceremony added a unique and charming touch to her special day. In a world […]

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A Courthouse Wedding In Elko A perfect Nevada Courthouse wedding, In the heart of Elko in Autumn. I had the pleasure of documenting a special Elko Courthouse Wedding. This young couple, starting the journey of marriage, loved the intimacy that a courthouse ceremony offers. Capturing these delightful moments, the images turned out to be some […]

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My adventure into travel to Turkey Travel to Turkey: Our journey through the enchanting land of Turkey was nothing short of a magical odyssey. From the streets of Istanbul to the landscapes of Cappadocia and the ancient wonders of Ephesus. Every moment was a testament to the rich tapestry of Turkish history and culture. What […]

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