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Little Church at the Crossroads

A beautiful wedding was held at Lamoille church in Nevada. Sydney and her groom began a journey of love at the beautiful Lamoille Church in October.

Lamoille Ceremony: Sydney’s decision to have birdseed thrown after the ceremony added a unique and charming touch to her special day. In a world filled with confetti and flower petals, this age-old tradition brought a sense of nostalgia.

The groom’s recent return from the military added an extra layer of emotion to the day. As they said their “I dos,” the room was filled the promise of a beautiful future together. As Sydney and I planned the details, I discovered that the theme was my favorite movie(s) – Lord of The Rings. A shared love for Middle-earth began an instant connection between us. I couldn’t help but smile and hum along to Enya’s “May it Be” as Sydney walked down the aisle.

The Church of the Crossroads, the perfect place for a wedding:

The Lamoille Church, with its rustic charm and falling leaves, provided the perfect backdrop for this romantic Fall ceremony. The beauty of the venue harmonized with the love that filled the air. It turned a cute church into a fairy-tale setting.

As the echoes of Enya’s music filled the air, the colorful leaves gracefully fell outside the Lamoille Church. Sydney and her groom celebrated a wedding with tradition and the magic of the season. This wedding will forever be in the memories of all who attended, creating a beautiful memory of joy.

I would love to connect with you if you are considering having a ceremony at the Lamoille church. A beautiful place to have a ceremony and I would to be a part of that! Feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a meeting, sharing all of your wedding dreams!

With help starting your planning at Lamoille Church here are some links to help you start. Tip: Lamoille Church books out far in advance, be sure to get in contact with them as soon as possible! A wedding at the Lamoille Church is the best option for any couple!

inside Lamoille church
Lamoille presbyterian church
lamoille canyon
Lamoille Ceremony
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Lamoille church wedding

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