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Glow-Up Beauty with Paulette

Let’s discuss Glow-Up Beauty with Paulette… As I sat down with Paulette at Sierra Java, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air. In the midst of our friendly banter, I couldn’t help but be captivated by her passion for beauty, evident in her business, Glow Up Beauty. Having collaborated with her on numerous occasions, I knew there was a story waiting to be unveiled.

The Journey to Glow-Up:

Paulette’s journey into the world of makeup artistry began five years ago, inspired by her mother’s knack for transforming simple gatherings into glamorous affairs. Her early fascination with makeup, nurtured by YouTube tutorials and personal experimentation, eventually blossomed into a full-fledged career. “It was a lot of trial and error until I turned my love for makeup into a career,” she shared with a smile.

The Essence of Glow-Up Beauty:

Amidst laughter, Paulette reflected on the best parts of herself: humorous, kind, outgoing, and the love for striking up conversations with strangers. These qualities seamlessly translate into her business, where she not only adorns faces but creates an experience for her clients.

Glow Up beauty elko

Love for the Craft:

When asked about her favorite aspect of the business, Paulette’s eyes sparkled. “I love my clients, and I love playing with makeup because it’s so fun, and at the end of the day, it all comes off.” Her genuine affection for her craft and the connections she forges with her clients make Glow Up Beauty stand out.

Plans for Growth:

Looking towards the future, Paulette aims to expand her presence on social media. Juggling a full-time job alongside her passion, she envisions a more prominent online footprint in the coming years.

Bridal Beauty Wisdom:

Paulette’s advice for brides is rooted in skincare. “Start a good skincare regimen and have facials regularly. Consider resurfacing treatments at the med spa.” She enthusiastically recommends Shelby from Shelby Mae Aesthetics for a pre-wedding glow facial.

Brand Philosophy:

“When I hear Glow Up Beauty, I think of glam. My goal is to bring out your innermost beauty, your authentic self. Bringing that glow from within,” Paulette explains, shedding light on her brand’s philosophy.

Creative Process and Inspiration:

Her creative process involves dreaming up a look and bringing it to life. Paulette finds inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, especially from both global and local makeup artists.

Trends and Preferences:

Embracing the trends, Paulette favors full-coverage makeup but admits to disliking the “no makeup, makeup” look, as it may not translate well in photography.

Setting Glow-Up Beauty Apart:

Paulette emphasizes her focus on skin and skin prep, turning it into a meticulous 5-step process. She imports luxury makeup products from New York, offering brides an exclusive experience. Notably, Paulette purchases full-size lipsticks and a kit for each bride, ensuring they feel pampered on their special day.

Exclusive Offer for Brides:

For brides booking with Beth Kellum Photography, Paulette extends a generous 10% discount on the bridal package, an enticing incentive to choose her personalized and luxurious services.

As I finished my last sip of coffee, I couldn’t help but admire Paulette’s commitment to enhancing beauty from within. With Glow Up Beauty, brides aren’t just getting a makeup artist; they’re securing an experience tailored to unveil their inner radiance on the most significant day of their lives. Paulette’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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  1. Angela Gamble says:

    Paulette is one of the most talented makeup artists I have worked with. She does custom looks, not cookie cutter! She is so thoughtful and kind. She goes out of her way to make you feel pampered and look your best. She is my go to for makeup for special events and I highly recommend her. You won’t regret booking with Paulette. Something not mentioned in the article is she has expertise working with mature skin. Book today!

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