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Candlelight Bridal and Prom

Welcome to Elko, the town that sparkles with warmth and hospitality, much like the charming haven known as Candlelight Bridal and Prom. If you haven’t stepped through their doors yet, you’re in for a treat! Picture a place where every visit is met with a welcoming smile, and trust permeates the air – that’s the essence of Candlelight.

In a recent heartwarming conversation with the owner, the passion for perfection in customer service shone through. “I’m extremely driven,” she shared, “I get an idea and there is no stopping me until completion. I am a good listener and understand what a bride wants. I’m always open to making changes whenever the couple desires.”

Story of how Candlelight started:

The story of Candlelight’s inception adds another layer to its charm. Starting in Salt Lake City, the business journey found its way to Elko through familial ties. The owner reflected, “I took over this place and made it all about customer service. That was the turning point.”

As we delved into future plans, the owner’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. “Expanding into more accessories is on the horizon. I want this to be the place everyone goes to for everything bridal, from dresses to personalized accessories. No more regrets from online purchases; I want to eliminate the stress for every bride.”

Advice to a bride:

For all the brides out there, a piece of advice resonated: “Don’t let stress take away your personality. Those little things won’t matter in 10 years.” Sage words for navigating the whirlwind of wedding preparations.

Candlelight’s design philosophy is simple yet profound: inclusivity. “Capturing everyone for whatever budget you have. I will work with whomever and with whatever budget they have to work with and I will always treat them the same.”

The creative process involves meticulous research, ensuring that the shop is a trendsetter. “I bring in everything that people are wanting. Something that is useful to my business and that will help the business grow. And when I have happy bridal parties, that truly inspires me to do my very best.”

What are the trends?

Discussing trends in the bridal world, the owner expressed her love for the ever-evolving dress styles. However, a concern lingered about the impact of online ordering, emphasizing the importance of customer service, something brides often miss out on when choosing virtual over in-person experiences.

Common questions from brides were met with a refreshing response, “How does that dress make you feel? Because that is truly what matters most.”

What sets Candlelight apart?

When it comes to setting Candlelight apart from the competition, the answer was clear: “My customer service, for sure. We will walk you from beginning to end. We have a seamstress that will take care of every need as well.”

And for those considering Candlelight for their bridal needs, if booking through Beth Kellum Photography for their photography services a special offer awaits: “With the purchase of a wedding dress from us, all bridesmaids will receive 10% off their bridesmaid dresses.”

In the heart of Elko, Candlelight Bridal and Prom stands as more than just a store; it’s a sanctuary where dreams come true, guided by passion, warmth, and a commitment to exceptional service. Step inside, and let your bridal journey begin with a touch of magic!

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