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The start with Event Source

As the snowstorm loomed overhead, threatening to put a damper on our plans, we hesitated. The icy conditions were enough to make anyone reconsider. But the prospect of meeting with Jessica and Dana, the owners of Event Source, fueled my determination. Despite the challenges of slippery roads, we made our way to Mud Hut. A cozy little spot that would soon witness a warm exchange of dreams and aspirations.

Sipping on our coffees, we dove into conversation, exploring the depths of our shared passion for creating memorable events. Jessica, a vibrant and resilient soul, quickly revealed the tenderness of her heart for others and her unwavering commitment to family. As we spoke about life’s trials and triumphs, it became evident that she was a courageous survivor. She is using her experiences to fuel her journey in the event planning industry.

When asked about the best parts of herself, Jessica confidently shared, “My energy. I’m upbeat and a people person.” It was this infectious energy that undoubtedly contributed to the success of Event Source.

The story

The story of Event Source’s inception is both poignant and inspiring. Three years ago, Jessica’s sister, a dreamer with a profound passion for Event Source, was presented with the opportunity to purchase the business. Sadly, her sister passed away, and Jessica, alongside her mother, stepped up to continue the legacy.

“The designing and decorating part” are what Jessica loves most about her business. Her eyes lit up as she described the joy that comes from turning a vision into a tangible, enchanting reality. Looking ahead, Jessica envisions growth, expressing a desire to open a simple venue and expand from there over the next five years.

Advice to brides

For brides-to-be, Jessica offers sage advice: “Make a list of the most important things, and pick a good photographer, those things truly matter.” It’s clear that she understands the significance of capturing those precious moments.

Describing Event Source’s brand as “Event starts here,” Jessica emphasized the organic nature of their approach. Their style is flexible, adapting to the unique desires of each bride. The creative process involves turning on music, exploring wedding color palettes, and sketching ideas to bring visions to life.


When it comes to inspiration, Jessica finds it through conversations with others and bouncing ideas around. She is particularly drawn to the current trend of incorporating greenery into weddings, noting how it evokes emotion and adds a romantic touch. However, she admits that sequins on anything are not her favorite.

Setting Event Source apart from the competition is their willingness to travel and their diverse offerings, including being one of the few to supply dance floors. Jessica takes pride in the variety they bring to the table, making them a one-stop-shop for event needs.

For those considering booking with Beth Kellum Photography, an enticing offer awaits – a free custom design sign for the couple’s wedding.

In the face of adversity and amidst a snowstorm, my meeting with Jessica and Dana proved to be a testament to the resilience, passion, and genuine care that defines Event Source. Their story is a reminder that even in the most challenging conditions, dreams can thrive and create beautiful moments that last a lifetime.

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